The secret of longevity lies in actions involving yourself in activities that make your body move, your mind clear, and your soul satisfied. Lifestyles of people aged over one hundred years is very simple. They live a life full of activity and get plenty of rest. People who are over one hundred taun dedicated his life to learn and love to travel. they all seem to observe the natural rhythm within and outside themselves instinctively. So based on their good habits, they resist against the natural rules of the universe.

For most people, good habits should be cultivated. For example brushing your teeth is a simple habit formed early on with the support of people tua.l if this is just handed over the child, we all will suffer like our ancestors a few centuries ago, toothless at the age of 40 years and more quickly toward their graves . Learning to form a profitable habit is very important to obtain health and longevity.

Chinese people used to practice a hundred years old taici and qigong, meditation practice that has long been associated with longevity. They also take advantage of the rejuvenation technique that has been known to Chinese people for thousands of years ago - such as acupuncture, acupressure and energy penyembuan - that increase energy, improve health, and balance the body and mind.

This content includes everything from the best time to exercise until the ritual to get a good night's sleep. Of exercise increased - cognitive, until breathing exercises to reduce toxins. These techniques, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can reduce the possibility of the effect your bad genes. In this exercise function in many patients and people a hundred years old with a history of bad genes.

Your choice of what you do can have positive influence on your health, from now on for the rest of your life.

Posted by How to live healthy ever after on Friday, May 27, 2011


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